My work investigates human interaction within the environment. It questions the presence of man-made objects that have been placed in the environment to lesser-known things such as invasive and genetically engineered plant species. I am interested in questioning the perception of the natural environment. Pictures that are both physical and fictional drive me to explore the space between the familiar and the sublime.

While I would not call all of my work photography I would say that it deals with problems that lie within the medium. My recent work is computer generated. I make use of well-known software programs, lesser-known freeware programs, and more recently have been writing my own programs in order to achieve the resultant images. The examination of natural and artificial situations has led me to create artificial environments that mimic natural landscapes with the hope of manipulating the viewer's perceptions of the so-called real.

Landscapes can be turned into objects through the breakdown of color, line, shape, and space. These formal elements are what make the landscape an object. The idea of objectifying nature has led me to examine the sources that affect the land and our perceptions of nature. In questioning the concept of the real, I use familiar elements of beauty thus connecting with the viewer on an intimate level.